This class examined Transmission as a form. The first half of the class was about analog transmission, and the second half of the class was about digital transmission.

In the first half, we built FM transmitters, and held the campus-wide FMemory event with Michael Trigilio of Neighborhood Public Radio.

The press release for the FMemory Event:

On Sunday, February 24 @ 2PM, we held an event at the Art Building of Oberlin College called FMemory. For this event, students from the TRANSMISSIONS class installed their newly built FM transmitters throughout the building. Students from the Margin Release class, as well as the Transmissions class, recorded themselves interpreting memories from throughout their lives. These memories manifested as songs, experimental sounds, readings, and dramatizations. All in all, about 50 audio tracks of memories were transmitted on radio transmitters throughout the art building. Over 100 students showed up for the event, most of them with radios in hand. Participants strolled throughout the building tuning their radios to the frequencies floating throughout the air, revealing our memories on the radio.

To see pictures of this event, click HERE. To read the Margin Release blog posts about the event, click HERE.

For the second half of the class, we worked with Podcasting, examining the difference between localized analog transmission, and global anonymous digital transmission. For our final project, each student made an audio tour of the Allen Memorial Art Museum on the Oberlin College campus. This project allowed us to think about curatorial narrative within the museum setting. In the class, we talked about art and communication in terms of one-to-one (i.e. a painter creating a work that is experienced by one audience at a time), one-to-many (i.e. a distributable piece of work, like an album or a radio broadcast, that can be experienced simultaneously by a dispersed audience), and many-to-many (i.e. a piece of work, like a wiki or a podcast, that can be distributed and re-uploaded and added to by a global audience). The Allen Memorial Art Museum tours are fully downloadable, extending the authorship of the curatorial message to members of a global audience.

So download, throw it on yor IPod, and listen in the the Transmission class's audio tours.

1.Lisa Chung: Museum Intervention (zip) (m4a)

2. Alex Christie: An Audio Tour of the Allen Art Museum (zip) (mp3)

3. Davy Field: Jan, Jusepe, and Michiel (zip)

4. Evan Kuel: Scientology (zip)

5. Deb Sperling: Just Like Regular Chicks (zip) (mp3)

6. Nick Weiss: Sol LeWitt (zip)

7. Tommy Morello: A 20 Minute Guide to the Allen Art Museum (zip) (mp3)

8. Alie Cirgenski: Museum Tour (zip)

9. Klaus Sternhagen: Allen Intervention (zip)

10. Derek Tuttle: A 20 Minute Guide to the AMAM (mp3)

11. Jesse Montgomery: Allen Audio Tour (m4a)